Serving a Wide Range of Industries

We can handle a variety of parts production requirements, from very small to large parts. We have the experience of running many types of plastics: from Polypro to Engineering Grade Polymers. Our full-service in-house mold shop can build, repair and service tools.

We can build interchangeable inserts to be used with a common base, supply you with sample parts, and even put your products directly into production based on a custom mold. We are dedicated to meeting delivery dates, cutting costs and keeping our customers satisfied.

Partial Equipment List:


  • (18) Press 35 Ton 0.8 oz through 400-ton 48 oz. Van Dorn’s of which 13 are Electric Machines
  • Dryers 50# through 200# Capacity
    • Grinders 2 H.P. through 10 H.P.
    • Desiccant Dryers
    • Thermolaters (water & oil)
    • Matsui, Sterling & Motan Dyers and Loaders
    • Computer-Aided Scheduling & Production Monitoring
    • Barcoded Inventory

    Automotive & RV

    Farm & Agricultural



    No matter what the industry, Bender Products strives to stay abreast of the latest tooling technology in order to meet any challenge or requirement our customers may have. Combining technology with the skill and craftsmanship of our designers and mold-makers, we can take your product from concept to a quality production tool.

    Have a project in mind? Contact us today to get started!