Experienced Custom Mold and Tool Maker

Custom Mold & Toolmaking

Bender Products, Inc. is an experienced custom mold and tool maker with an on-site tool room helping to reduce overall lead times in the supply chain.

Bender’s ability to build and run hot runner systems, challenging multi-cam molds, multi-action molds, 2K over-molds, and 3-plate molds set us apart from other plastic injection molders. Benders’ dedicated plastic injection mold inspection and assembly area allows for uninterrupted plastic manufacturing during the injection mold design and plastic tool building process.

Bender Products designs quick-turn synthetic tooling, limited production aluminum tooling, and semi or fully hardened production tooling, depending on your annual production requirements. Bender stores, maintains, and repairs molds at our facility throughout the life of the mold. Combining our various molding methods with fully automated, semi-automated, or manual assembly allows Bender Products to be a turn-key plastic manufacturer and a one-stop shop.

On-Site Tool Room

Bender Products has an on-site fully equipped, high-efficiency tool room which helps to reduce transportation costs and lead times.

  • Bender Products designs and builds plastic injection molds in the same facility that we manufacture plastic parts.
  • Experienced tool makers make complicated mold repairs quickly to minimize downtime in production.